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Learn to Type with Keyboard Genius

I have been surprised at the difference Keyboard Genius has made in just a few days.  Makes a big difference to me from the 2 finger typing. Thank you.  Rita, Sept 2010

“I bought my first computer about a month before I saw an article in the Herald Sun on March 8th regarding the Keyboard Genius.  Not having any previous typing experience, I was a two finger typist, so for $20 odd dollars I wasn’t going to do a lot of damage to the bank balance so invested in Keyboard Genius, slowly followed the simple instructions, to the stage I now enjoy typing.  My fingers always seem to be in all the right places without hands going every which way.  A wonderful typing tool for learners. “John, VIC, Sept 2007

“Keyboard Genius has helped me to iron out years and years of typing mistakes due to poor technique that at least 3 different learn to type programs haven’t solved. I haven’t invested the time in these programs, and mostly gave up in frustration. The genius is there whenever I type, I don’t need to open up a program, and has finally trained my wayward fingers. Thank you, its been an amazing relief!” – Alison, Doctor, NSW, Aug 2007

“I found the Keyboard Genius very helpful, being 60 years of age with newly acquired and very dubious computer skills and no typing experience at all. Some months after purchasing your product, the computer I had broke down and had to be replaced and of course the keyboard stickers went with the machine but at that stage I had progressed to the point where I could do without them. My typing is still quite slow but the improvement was quite remarkable” – Peter V, NSW, Aug 2007

“You have made my day !!!! Your service and attention to me is first class.” -Colleen, March 2007.

“My observation over the years has concluded that many people whose careers are keyboard related and don’t touch type, suffer back, neck and shoulder pain. Congratulations on your wonderful idea” – Valma, VIC, March 2007.

“Great Idea!!…. I am part of an online community with many members wishing they could touch type ….  I’ve just left a thread on our message boards telling them about your new product.” – Sara, QLD, February 2007.

“For YEARS I have been saying how ridiculous it was that children as young as 7 were being put onto keyboards without any idea first of basic typing skills.  After all, they will be using keyboards for probably 70 years so it just didn’t make sense for youngsters not to be taught properly” Margot, NSW, January 2007.

“thought you might like an update on Sam’s progress… she’s progressing with flying colours so I’ve “blogged” the message to the rest of our team.” – Kirsten, NSW, Head of Business Development, December 2006.

“I gave the Keyboard Genius to Sam in my team and she told me this morning that it is already starting to have an impact on her typing – she loves it!  Everyone in the office was fighting over it when I came into work” – Kirsten, NSW, Head of Business Development, November 2006.

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