Learn Typing and Blog about… Living with an 18 year old (a mother’s perspective)

Welcome to the third in my series ‘Learn Typing and Blog about…’. This time I’m blogging about living with an 18 year old – my son.

18 – How did that happen?

Babies quickly grow to become toddlers and toddlers soon become pre-schoolers.  Before you know it your pre-schoolers are at ‘big’ school – then ‘bigger’ school – and almost without warning they are suddenly 18.  How did it happen?

Did I sleep in that late?

18 year olds can sleep in until after noon every day if their agenda permits it – even if the builders are working next door (which they are) and I’m playing piano (which I do most mornings) and the sun is streaming in through the bedroom windows because the blinds were not closed the night before.

Keep the fridge well stocked

Now this might just be a boy thing (I’m interest to hear from parents with girls) but the amount of food that is consumed in our house during the course of a week is frightening.  And it’s not just my 18 year old that is eating it.  Be prepared for the unexpected friend (or six) that might turn up feeling hungry.  Make sure you always have a good supply of bread and sausages available.  Plenty of fresh fruit is also recommended – to avoid being depleted of every biscuit, cake or chocolate you may have in the house.

From left – Michael, Sam, Cameron, Daniel and Daniel

Just accept that your car is not your own anymore

By age 18 most Australian teenagers have been driving for 2 years – one year on L’s – another year on red P’s – and now on green P’s.  If your 18 year old is continuing studies and not working full time then it’s possible they wont have their own car – but that doesn’t appear to be a problem.  They will happily use yours and, if you’re very lucky, occasionally put petrol in it.

Remember the days when you always had an answer a good answer?

Well those days have gone.  It’s not so much that the questions are getting harder, it’s just that 18 year olds don’t necessarily believe anything you say anymore.  If I’m honest, this probably started a few years ago, but it’s certainly happening now.  If I’m even the slightest bit unsure about anything these days it’s much easier, and wiser, to just admit it – and refer them to Google!

Under no account say “When I was your age…”

I’m telling you, it doesn’t work.  ‘Our’ age was the olden age – as far as 18 year olds are concerned – and everything was different then – right?

  • “You didn’t even have personal computers in those days”.   Well, no we didn’t.
  • “Or mobile phones?”.  No, we didn’t have those either.
  • “Or DVD’s and CD’s – you didn’t even have videos”.  No.
  • “There were no skateboards or roller-blades and what about X-Box, Playstation and Wii?”.  Nope, we didn’t have any of those.
  • “There were no microwaves to reheat food, no remote controls to change channel on the TV and you didn’t even have iPods”.  Yes, yes we had Sony Walkmans (remember them?).  They were a bit like iPods, weren’t they?

Be assured, your 18 year old will not be impressed by the Sony… what?

OMG – the Bathroom

I do hope you have more than one bathroom at your place.  If you don’t, be prepared for a lot of waiting outside the bathroom door.  What do 18 year olds do in there?  Don’t answer that please – I don’t think I want to know.

Family outings – I don’t think so

By 18 most teenagers have lost interest in family outings – unless, of course, it involves going to one of their favourite restaurants – and parents are paying.  And if you’re planning a long weekend away to the Gold Coast or Blue Mountains they’ll unlikely want to join you.  But mention an overseas skiing holiday or a trip to Europe and they’re in – with the proviso that parents are paying of course.

Don’t use their lingo unless you understand it

  • Mish – Meaning? – No idea
  • Shoddy – or is it shotty? – Meaning? – Who’d know
  • Gay – I’m never sure if this is a good or bad expression
  • Hey – think this is used for hello and goodbye
  • Staunch – What?

But amongst it all you’ll be continually surprised

Just when you least expect it your 18 year old will do something wonderful and you’ll have a hard time holding back the tears.  They’ll be generous, kind, helpful, loving and just a beautiful person to be with.  You must have done something right during those 18 years that went by in a flash.  A whole life time for them.  18 years that have helped shape them into who they are today.

Living with an 18 year does have it’s moments – and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

That’s a mother’s perspective on living with an 18 year old.  And remember, if you want to learn typing and blog about things that interest you, then Keyboard Genius can show you how.  Just go to Home or About pages.

I look forward to your comments.

Jan Littlehales

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7 Responses to Learn Typing and Blog about… Living with an 18 year old (a mother’s perspective)

  1. Rita Pepper says:

    Hi Jan,
    Its a long time since I was Living with an 18 year, my youngest is now 29.
    Oh!!! but I do remember that my car was not my own.
    Rita Pepper recently posted..Arthritis in Dogs

  2. Nici Cleary says:

    Great – Love it! So very true. My son turns 18 today & will be soon returning home after living overseas for the last 10 months. I very much miss the endless kids “hanging” at our house.

  3. Jo says:

    Hi Jan,
    It’s not that long since I had my own teenagers and 18 year olds in the house – my main memory is that the fridge needed to be stocked frequently. 🙂 I was glad to know what was going in their bodies at a time when we easily forget about – that last few years of growth spurts.

  4. reigna says:

    Oh my daughter is only 6 years old. But I can still I did some of those things when I was 18. I can still remember my teenage years. I enjoyed it so much.

  5. Love your story. For now, I don’t have an 18 year my son is 6 year. That’s why I always have time with him when I don’t have work. I want to cherish the days with him before he turns 18.
    Martha Pulaski recently posted..Chevy Radio Controlled Model Cars

  6. Thanks for dropping by Martha.
    Few years to go before your son is 18 – like you say, cherish every moment because they soon grow up.

  7. Thanks for your comment Reigna,
    Yes, I can still remember when I was 18 – a wonderful time of life. When things get a bit tough with my 18 year old it helps to remember what I was like at that age (how did my mother cope 🙂 )

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