Frequently Asked Questions

“Will Keyboard Genius fit on my laptop?”Yes, Keyboard Genius is suitable for PC’s and laptops.

“Can the stickers be removed?”Yes, once you’ve learned to type you can remove the stickers if you wish.  Using a sharp point,  just hook the corner of the sticker and peel off.

“Is it safe to order online?”Yes, payments are processed over a secure internet connection using PayPal.

“Do I have to have an account with PayPal to order online?”No, you do not have to have an account with them to order online.

“How much does Keyboard Genius cost?” $US14.95 plus postage and handling.

“How quickly is Keyboard Genius shipped?” Once your order is confirmed, Keyboard Genius will be shipped within 2 days by Australian International Post, by Airmail.

“My son/daughter is still at primary school. Can he/she learn typing using Keyboard Genius?”Yes, Keyboard Genius is suitable for ages approx 5 – 99+

“What is the 28 Day Trial?”If you want to learn typing in the shortest time possible, you might want to consider the 28 Day Typing Trial.  Briefly, you type for 15 minutes each day for 28 consecutive days and keep a track of your progress.  More details can be found on the Trial Results page and details are also supplied when you order Keyboard Genius.

“Why are the stickers red and blue?”The red stickers indicate the keys to be typed with the left hand fingers.  The blue stickers are for the right hand fingers.

“Why are some of the stickers white?” The white stickers are the “home keys”.  This is where you fingers start and where they always gravitate back to when you learn typing.

To find out more visit learn typing.

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